Reliable upstream services that address the unique problems that oil and gas workers encounter with critical innovative, efficient, and safe processes.

Quality Services

Professional Services


We work closely with our clients to ensure that their exploration and production operations are optimized for maximum efficiency and profitability. We also sell high-quality products well suited for the upstream sector.

Mechanical Maintenance/Cleaning Services

• Tank/Pressure Vessel Cleaning
• Flange Management (Bolt tensioning and torquing)

Piping and Installation Services

• Welding and Fabrication
• Pipe fitting and Installation
• Energy Systems installation


• Supply of Flanges, Elbows, Fittings, Hangers, Valves, Gaskets, amongst others.
• Supply of Fishing/Drilling tools and Chemicals.
• Oil Field Equipment spares
• Pipes and Hoses (OCTG, Drill bits).

Process and Pipelines Services

• Hydrotesting
• Flushing and Pumping Services.
• Air Supply and Drying Services.
• N2 Leak testing and Purging.
• High-pressure jetting.

Rental Services

• Compressors.
• Pumping machines.
• Boosters.
• Generators.
• Drill pipes.

Service Upgrades

Most of the vehicles damage as maintenance neglect.


Leading company in the Nigerian Oil and Gas industry.

Arlby Oil & Gas

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