Rental Services

At Arlby, we offer a comprehensive range of Rental Services, providing you with access to reliable and high-performance equipment for your industrial projects.

Rental Services:

Accessing Reliable Equipment for Your Industrial Needs

Whether you require compressors, pumping machines, boosters, generators, or drill pipes, our rental services ensure that you have the right tools to meet your specific needs. Let's explore the key components of our Rental Services in detail.


Arlby's compressor rental services provide you with access to efficient and reliable compressors for a wide range of applications. Key features of our compressor rentals include:

a) Versatile Options: We offer a diverse fleet of compressors, including both electric and diesel-powered models, with various capacities to cater to your specific air compression requirements.

b) High Performance: Our rental compressors are well-maintained and undergo regular inspections to ensure optimal performance, delivering consistent air pressure and flow rates.

c) Flexible Rental Periods: Whether you require short-term or long-term rentals, we offer flexible rental periods to accommodate your project timelines and budget.

Pumping Machines

Arlby's pumping machine rentals provide efficient solutions for various pumping applications. Our rental services for pumping machines include:

a) Wide Range of Options: We offer a selection of pumping machines suitable for different fluids, volumes, and pressures, ensuring that you have the right equipment for your specific pumping needs.

b) Reliable Performance: Our pumping machines are regularly serviced and maintained to deliver reliable and efficient performance, enabling seamless fluid transfer and handling.

c) On-site Support: Our team can provide on-site support, including installation, operation, and troubleshooting assistance, to ensure smooth operation of the rented pumping machines.


Arlby's booster rentals are designed to meet your high-pressure air or gas boosting requirements. Key highlights of our booster rentals include:

a) Enhanced Pressure Capability: Our booster equipment is capable of efficiently increasing the pressure of compressed air or gas, allowing you to meet specific project demands.

b) Safety and Reliability: Our boosters undergo rigorous testing and maintenance to ensure safe and reliable operation, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

c) Customized Solutions: We work closely with you to understand your specific boosting requirements, providing tailored booster solutions that align with your project goals.


Arlby offers reliable generator rentals to meet your temporary power supply needs. Our generator rental services provide the following benefits:

a) Diverse Range: We have a wide selection of generators with different power capacities, ensuring that you have access to the right equipment to meet your specific power requirements.

b) Fuel Efficiency: Our rental generators are designed for fuel efficiency, reducing operating costs and minimizing environmental impact.

c) On-time Delivery and Support: We prioritize prompt delivery of rental generators and offer on-site support, including installation and maintenance, to ensure uninterrupted power supply during your project.

Drill Pipes

Arlby's drill pipe rentals provide you with access to high-quality and reliable drill pipes for drilling operations. Key features of our drill pipe rentals include:

a) Premium Quality: Our rental drill pipes are sourced from reputable manufacturers, ensuring superior strength, durability, and performance in demanding drilling environments.

b) Variety of Specifications: We offer drill pipes with various sizes, lengths, and thread connections to match your drilling requirements, ensuring compatibility with your existing equipment.

c) Rigorous Inspection: Our drill pipes undergo thorough inspection and maintenance to ensure their integrity and adherence to industry standards, minimizing the risk of failures during drilling operations.

Arlby's Rental Services offer a convenient and reliable solution for accessing top-quality equipment for your industrial needs.

Whether it's compressors, pumping machines, boosters, generators, or drill pipes, our rental services provide you with the flexibility and convenience to acquire the necessary equipment without the burden of long-term ownership. Partner with Arlby for your rental requirements and experience the benefits of our extensive equipment fleet, impeccable maintenance standards, and dedicated customer support. Contact us today to discuss your rental needs and let us assist you in finding the perfect rental solution for your project.

With our expertise, state-of-the-art equipment, and highly trained professionals, Arlby is your trusted partner for all your mechanical maintenance and cleaning needs. Let's explore our primary service and its sub-sections in detail.


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